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And here I go again. Living in fear and misery. Akala ko nalampasan ko na to noon… Way back freshman and shophie years, my highschool life was really disturbing and bothering to the extent that my competetors for the running honors burned my periodical test paper in Social Studies and threw my Values notebook at the river near our classroom so I wont be able to complete my clearance. When I reached Junior High, its heaven for me. It feels like I have escaped my messy life and found true friends in my section. Yes, there are some shits along the way but hey that’s life and that’s more bearable this time. And Im trapped with this crappy life again when we moved out of our old neighborhood and transfer to a new one. I found this neighbor who’s hobby is to spread rumors. Pati nga hindi namin pagwawalis ng harap pinoproblema niya, and I was like ”Baket? Metro aid ka ba?” She loves making issues about us. Until she came into my nerves. Im fed up. I stood up and speak. Told her undecent words, which brings us to a World War III. Well, mali talaga. Kasi ang iniisip ko nun bibigyan ko siya ng katapat to keep her mouth shut. But then right after I realized, ano bang pinagkaiba ko sa kanya? Sino bang kahiya hiya? EDI AKO! Because I disrespected an elder.  Sht. And she has this younger brother and by the way he looks at me I can really tell that he hates me for treating her sister like that. Protective and caring brother in short. I really wish I had one guy acting like that for me. How sweet! Mabalik tayo sa kapatid nya. To think na labas masok siya sa selda, really gives me a goosebump whenever he looks at me na parang isasalvage nya ko any moment. Wow. Wild imagination pero yun talaga eh. But I dont know how to freaking avoid him beacuse they live beside my grandma’s. Shit happens. Then, sooner yung scandal ko na yun nasundan na naman ng isa pa, sa kapatid ko naman. Geez. Im turning into a war freak. Im a bipolar person. I cant ventilate my anger and I swear I hate it. Patapon na yata ako. But I hope not.  Until one day, I woke up with no one by my side. Walang kakampi sa bahay at sa buhay. Kahit sa puso. Im now out on my own battling with this cruel world.

BEST FEELING: Hindi ka nagreview pero nakapasa ka.

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Always fascinated with how the trees look like during twilight. #vsco #vscocam #twilight (at Cavite State University, Main Campus)

Some of the weirdest species on Earth. My loves 💕 😃 📷 xo #instarepost #bw #friends #college #vsco

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